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How to Install Norton 360 on Laptop

There are various reasons why we install Norton 360 on our laptops. The first reason why we normally install Norton 360 is to enhance protection against malware. Our laptops are prone to malware which can either be introduced from external hard drives which are introduce to our laptop ports. For instance, if I have movies or music files that I want to transfer from the external hard drive, disk or other portable storage; and the contents have been laced with various types of malware/virus, then it means that my laptop with contract such malwares. This is the time when you need a strong antivirus like Norton 360 virus protection key.

The second reason why we need to install Norton in our laptops is when we want real time firewall protection whenever we access the internet using or laptops. The internet is a platform where all of us love and, sometimes, it may never be avoided. In that case, we will need to Installing Norton 360 Virus Protection on our laptops basically because it has a strong firewall tool that will always ensure that our laptops are protected against dangerous programs from the internet.

There are a number of crucial steps to follow when installing Norton 360 on laptops. The first step is downloading or purchasing the Norton 360 software or set up. As soon as you have the set up at hand, run it on your laptop using your CD ROM or directly from you laptop in case you have downloaded the set up. If this proves a challenge to you, you are always welcome to contact Norton 360 support number.

Secondly, allow you laptop OS to extract the files from the application and when the extraction of files is done, click on the install button or option and then wait for Norton to be installed. The installation of Norton 360 may take a little while and you will even receive a message telling you to wait because the installation may take minutes before it is done. During this time, do not allow for any kind of interruption, for instance, switching of your laptop.

The third step will only come in when the installation has been completed successfully. This is when you will click “finish” so that your laptop can wind up the Norton 360 virus protection. From here, you will restart your computer and then check if your Norton 360 is working. If you experience any technical difficulty, the feel free to seek assistance from Norton 360 Antivirus Technical Services Number 1-888-964-8356

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