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What is an Antivirus

An antivirus is a computer program designed to protect the computer or a network against theattack from computer viruses. It protects the computer by detecting and preventing and removing the malicious software or malware from the system. The malware may include viruses, trojans, worms etc. and any other form of software that may cause potential damage. The virus itself is a computer program which keeps on changing due to changes in its code. Thus, to protect against the virus, the antivirus code also has to keep changing.The norton antivirus support phone number can provide protection against the viruses only if it is regularly updated. .

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If antivirus is not installed on a computer, it becomes vulnerable to virus attacks and malware infection, when it is connected to the internet. The antivirus scans the codes of all the files in the computer with the codes available in its database. If the code for any file matches the codes in the antivirus database, it is detected as malware and the antivirus takes further action to protect the computer from the identified malware. It is imperative to install an antivirus on the computer to prevent it against attacks from malware and viruses and protect it against data loss and damage. It becomes even more important if the computer is regularly connected to the internet. During the antivirus installation, it is important to ensure that installation and McAfee Activation support number of the antivirus are done systematically and the antivirus is regularly updated.

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